Mingyuan is run by a wonderful group of parents and volunteers who are passionate about our mission.  We have roles to fit the time commitment you are willing to make, from one time opportunities, recurring opportunities, and board positions.  Examples include volunteers to help set up and take down classrooms, cultural events, and run various aspects of the school.

Mingyuan is not just a place to study Chinese language, but one to learn and grow. While we do not have a volunteering requirement, our school only exists with help from our families. We thank all our families for their service and dedication.


When parents volunteer in the classroom, it is essential to understand the responsibilities and expectations for that role.  You’ll help with supervision and general support for the teachers. 

Responsibilities are to: 

  • SUPPORT: Actively support the teacher and assist in various classroom activities.
  • COORDINATE: Help coordinate classroom needs for class projects and activities.  
  • BE A ROLE MODEL: Participate in the class and support students in learning, safety, and building a positive mindset.

Expectations for parent volunteers: 

  • DEPENDABILITY: Be responsible for your scheduled times and notify the school if you are not able to meet your commitment
  • CONFIDENTIALITY:  Do not discuss matters concerning students with anyone but the designated school staff
  • OBJECTIVITY: Do not allow your personal feelings or favoritism to enter into your work as a volunteer.

Examples of this include following the teacher’s instructions and assisting in various classroom activities. This may involve supervising the children during and picking up materials after craft time.  Younger children are also accompanied by an adult to the restrooms during snack time, so ensuring proper hygiene by washing hands is also important. Additionally, sometimes kids need a break or have difficulty engaging.  Volunteers will also sit with and talk to students until they’re ready to rejoin the class.

If you are interested, please let us know by sending an email to